Let's enjoy brewing together.

Taste, learn, and share your passion for homebrewing with other Tampa Bay brewers.

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About Us

We are a group of local homebrewers who have a passion for brewing. We get together to share our brews, get advise, and have fun with other brewers.

Visit us at a club meeting to get to know us and try out a few of our brews. We’d love to meet you!

Member Benefits

There’s more to membership than just beer.


Connect with other brewers and learn about what others are brewing while meeting new friends.


Bring your beer to find out what impressions it gives and how to make it better.

Learn to Judge

Join our of our club competitions to try a variety of beers and learn how to become a BJCP judge.


Our members get discounts at a number of local beer supply places as well as some major event discounts.

Special Events

Christmas and special parties…only with beer. Need I say more?


Of course, there will be beer.

Monthly Events

Member Meetings

General club monthly meeting the first Tuesday of each month at c. 1949 located at 6905 N Orleans Ave; Tampa, FL 33604 at the corner of Sligh and Orleans, just west of Zoo Tampa.  The meeting begins at 7 PM.

  • Meeting agenda
    • Current events in the home brew scene
    • Special events and club invitations for participation 
    • Recent competition results
    • Upcoming home brew competitions
    • Club “Rail Roads” to shuttle competition beer submissions to the event
    • Guest speakers and presentations
    • After the club meeting, members share their own home brew with fellow members by bringing sample bottles to provide sample pours

Interclub Competitions

  • Club members meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month
  • Learn about beer styles and practice judging them at the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) standard
  • Each session has a different theme from a specific geographic region
  • Members are encouraged to bring homebrewed examples to share as entries in a mini competition
  • Examples that place each month are awarded club points and are eligible to win prizes in a club raffle at the end of the year

Become a member!

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Our Members

Our club is a fun group of brewers with all levels of experience. Newbies to award winning brewers. We share our beer and brewing knowledge!

Erik Will

Member Since 2012

I had never brewed when I join but quickly learned how to judge and brew beer, hard cider, and mead.

Getting feedback and advice from experienced brewers has made all the difference!

Brandon Mead

Member Since 2018

Even though I don’t brew a lot of beer (I make mead!) the knowledge of the group through all the categories of fermentable beverages is exceptional!

John Noble

Member Since 2015

years established



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